Pathology Labs in Mumbai Humbled by the Prominence of Way2Health

The need for better pathology labs in Mumbai has risen tenfold today, as most of them out there are just run-of-the-mill. Pathology labs are expected to provide valuable contributions in preventive health care. As the foremost metropolitan city in India, Mumbai could use better labs that maintain global standards in service, speed and accuracy at competitive rates comparable to Indian standards. Way2Health India is one such an entity, operating over 16 ISO 9001 certified diagnostic centers across the city since 2007.


All the pathology labs owned and operated by the Way2Health group are top notch medical facilities with world class test equipments and supporting infrastructure to boast of. The tranquil environment at Way2Health labs is perfect for patients since it is essential that the subject feels at ease for a proper pathology test. Also, the locations of their labs are strategically positioned so that clients from every nook and corner of urban and suburban Mumbai have easy access to one of them.


The personnel at their labs are extremely polite and friendly and have a way of their own that makes patients feel at home. They are very supportive and are happy to be of any assistance that patients might require while at their premises. In fact, the competence and integrity of the human resources at Way2Health are as widely acclaimed as their high quality standards. Coming to talk about their quality standards, Way2Health had bagged the prestigious ISO 9001 certification in 2008, just one year after their founding. This in itself is a clear evidence of their excellence and why they are treated as the finest among the multitudes of pathology labs in Mumbai.


Way2Health India also offers a home collection service for the convenience of patients. You can call up 07303485999 for pathology tests and a Way2Health executive will come and collect samples required for the examination, from anywhere in Mumbai. This is very helpful for busy professionals and patients who would prefer to avoid travelling to the lab.


Way2Health not only offers clinical pathology in their labs, but also undertakes diagnostic examinations of all sub-disciplines of pathology such as, cytogenetics, histopathology, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and immunoassays, hematology and coagulation assays. Being supreme authorities in diagnostic medicare, Way2Health group continuously make every effort to remain updated with all the latest scientific developments and technological innovations in the field of pathology. No accolades can suffice to describe their eminence and I suggest you visit their website to learn more and find out why they are considered the most excellent amid the myriad of pathology labs in Mumbai.


2D Echocardiography in Mumbai with Global Standards

In the last post on 2D Echocardiography in Mumbai, we have discussed about how transducers work. Let us now learn a little further about different type of transducers and their functioning. Transducers may be classified according to two main aspects; its frequency and the technology used for the manipulation of the ultrasound beam.


Transducer frequency is probably the most important feature that decides which probe is going to be used in a given echo examination. The higher the frequency, the better is the resolution of the output image. But ultrasound penetration shall be poorer in this setting. So we have to strike a balance between the resolution required in the image, and the depth at which we need to examine the tissues. Given a choice, we will always prefer to use a probe that has the highest frequency, because that will give the best image resolution. But this is not always possible. For neonates, where the chest wall is thinner, we may use a probe that has a higher frequency; usually between 7 – 7.5 MHz. But on children we may not use these high frequencies. So, we use a probe that has a frequency between 3.5 – 5 MHz. In case of adults, we can use probes that have a much lower frequency; that is, between 2 to 2.5 MHz.


Reputed diagnostic centers like those run by Way2Health India, which are highly recommended by doctors for the best services in 2D Echocardiography in Mumbai, would always be accurate in choosing the right probes with the right frequencies for each echo exam, as it is a matter of sufficient experience.


As mentioned earlier, another aspect that determines what kind of transducer is going to be used for a particular echo examination is the technique that is used for the manipulation of the ultrasound beam. Earlier echocardiography machines had provision for imaging in only one direction; only one line. With this, it was not possible to obtain a cross-sectional image of the heart. So, it was necessary that a mechanism is developed to move the beam from one end to the other, so that the entire image of the heart could be generated. The earlier most devices were fitted with mechanical motors. These motors used to oscillate or rotate the elements, so that the ultrasound beam could be moved from one end of the sector to the other end. But these probes were very bulky and were prone to causing malfunction of the motor. So, these probes were given up and the probes used today use electronic mechanisms for manipulation of the beam.


Way2Health India is not only reputed as the best service provider of 2D Echocardiography in Mumbai, but is also renowned for the state-of-the-art equipment they use. Visit their website today and learn why should you choose them for your next echocardiogram.

2D Echocardiography in Mumbai, with ISO 9001 certification

Echocardiography is the most widely used cardiovascular ultrasound imaging technique. 2D stands for two-dimensional and a 2D echocardiogram is a flat image of the heart that has only length and width. 3D echocardiography adds depth to these two dimensions and 4D adds time as the fourth dimension. Though 3D and 4D are newer techniques as compared to 2D, it still remains the most extensively exploited non-invasive diagnostic investigation in cardiology. There are hundreds of diagnostic centres carrying out 2D echocardiography in Mumbai, but the top-notch ones among them are diagnostic centres owned or operated by Way2Health India. Before we talk about them, let us first learn a few basic things about echocardiography, in general.


Echocardiography is now almost 61 years old. And it has changed the very face of cardiology. Since the time Inge Edler and Hellmuth Hertz first developed an echo machine, several technical advancements have been taken place in the field of Echocardiography. Today’s echocardiography machine is a really sophisticated device, basically having three main components. These are “Transducers” or “Probes” that are fixed to the patient’s chest wall, the “Monitor” which displays the images and the “Processing Unit”, the function of which is to process the data that is received through the probe and display in a meaningful fashion on the screen.


Way2Health is among the very few diagnostic centers that use world class test equipment for 2D echocardiography in Mumbai. They also see to it that the machines are properly calibrated and their periodical maintenance done promptly. This is an evident fact without which it would not have been possible for Way2Health to be certified ISO 9001 from the year 2008. Let us now learn a little more about transducers; one of the three main parts of the echo machine.


Transducers or probes are the devices that generate and receive Ultrasound waves. The main component of a transducer is a piece of electrical crystal. This crystal has a unique property, that is, when electric force is applied to this crystal, it undergoes deformation. When the electric force is removed, it assumes its shape again. This process of deformation and assumption of shape again results in generation of ultrasound waves. This happens in reverse direction also. That is, when ultrasound waves hit this crystal, it undergoes deformation, resulting in electrical force that can be processed to form an image. We will discuss further about transducers in another article.


If you are searching for the best hub for 2D echocardiography in Mumbai, look no further and visit the website of Way2Health India.

Pathology Labs in Mumbai owned and operated by Way2Health India

Pathology Labs in Mumbai owned and operated by Way2Health India.

Pathology Labs in Mumbai owned and operated by Way2Health India

Way2Health India is a leading group of an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Pathology Labs in Mumbai. They are committed to bettering the health of their clients through unparalleled diagnostic brilliance. Having acquired ISO certification within one year of their starting in the year 2007, Way2Health is now steadfast to be the unquestionable leader offering world class pathology and other medical diagnostic services. All of the 16 and counting diagnostic centers in Mumbai, owned and operated by Way2Health India uphold supreme ethical standards and excellence. At Way2Health, customer satisfaction through innovation is a way of life. They have achieved superiority in medical analysis and information services and developed into Mumbai’s most trusted diagnostic service providers to patients, investors and even communities where they hail from.

Way2Health diagnostic centers not only provide precise and timely analytic reports to doctors, they possess a rare knack for turning raw medical data into constructive intelligence. A group of doctors blessed with respectable education adequate experience and proficiency in the field of medical diagnostics, have established Way2Health India group in Mumbai, in the year 2007. They were clearly destined to turn into the first chain of diagnostic centers of international repute in Mumbai and perhaps, all of India. Their leadership in medical analysis services through technological innovation has made them the doctors’ favorite Pathology Labs in Mumbai. Today, the name of Way2Health is recognized as the central hub of scientific innovation in clinical pathology and other branches of medical analytics.

Way2Health India is one of the biggest and undoubtedly the most appreciated medical investigative service providers in our country, today. They have an established track record of nearly a decade for stringent observance to global norms and benchmarks. They offer the widest range of diagnostic tests and have a pan Mumbai existence in all important parts of the metro, in an assortment of state-of-the-art diagnostic centers. Its employee strength of over 25 well qualified Radiologists, Pathologists, Microbiologists, Cardiologists and other doctors in addition to over 75 well experienced and competent technologists have served over quarter a million customers performing over a half million diagnostic investigations.


Before narrowing on the best of Pathology Labs in Mumbai, visit the website of Way2Health to learn more about their vast menu of diagnostic services, wellness programs, their network and franchisees, media appearances, quality policy, mission and vision. You may make an enquiry, fix an appointment or contact their home collection service from the site.

ECG center in Mumbai helps heart patients with ECG tests

ECG center in Mumbai helps heart patients with ECG tests.